We would like to acknowledge here our colleagues, partners and friends, the collaboration with whom resulted producing high-level research outputs. We express our gratitude – with no special order – to Dr Vavourakis’s Ph.D. mentor Prof D. Polyzos, Dr E. Sellountos and Prof P. Svarnas (University of Patras), Profs J. Ekaterinaris and K. Marias, Dr I. Papacharilaou (FORTH), Drs P. Wijeratne, B. Eiben, C. Veiga, N. Oxtoby, and Profs R. Shipley, K. Ricketts, J. McClelland, N. Williams, R. Torri, H. Wunderman, M. Loizidou, D.J. Hawkes and D. Alexander (UCL), Prof S. Bisdas (UCL-H), Profs R. Sinkus, A. Melbourne, D.A. Nordsletten, S. Pinder and S. Ourselin (King’s College London), Dr A. Kazakidi (Strathclyde University), Dr R. Bauer (University of Surrey), Dr S. Harris (Leeds University), Profs T. Stylianopoulos, T. Krasia, D. Tzeranis, D. Loukidis, D. Charmpis, P. Papanastasiou, C. Pitris and C. Pattichis (UCY).